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  • GAIN COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE – Triumph is the RUSH of winning in a 7.46 gram-sized scoop. Each jar comes with a monthly supply of about 30 scoops or 1 per day. I’m talking about putting you on the path to winning so much that it starts to bother your opponents!
  • FOCUS, CONCENTRATION & COGNITIVE PERFORMANCE – Triumph provides a safe alternative to highly questionable nootropics and so-called “smart drugs” hitting the market nowadays: Our formula is a proven brain booster, great for playing esports at your highest level.
  • ENERGY-BOOSTING SUPPLEMENT THAT LASTS W/O THE CRASH – Increase your energy levels naturally via L-theanine in a 2:1 ratio to caffeine and choline. Naturally speed up your body at the cellular level, also known as ‘cell messaging’ without jitters, twitching, or anxiety.

ACTIVATE YOUR SPIDEY-SENSE LEVEL REACTIONS – Users have also reported that Triumph sharpens their minds to the point they start to feel like their world is moving in slow motion, allowing them to react with Spiderman-level reflexes. Use Triumph to give you that edge in speed which can be the determining factor in winning or losing.

A single scoop of Triumph is all you need for an effective dose that increases:

- Energy

- Reaction time

- Focus

- Hydration

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      A Triumph Supplements Customer
      Matt D.
      United States United States
      Best Nootropic Supplement I've Ever Tried!

      This Nootropic gaming supplement tastes amazing! I use it for work and gaming. It gives me excellent focus and I feel energized without the jitters I normally get from energy drinks. Raspberry Lemonade is definitely my favorite flavor. I hope they come out with even more flavors, since both taste so good. Definitely drink it with ice, it makes it that much better!

      Raspberry Lemonade ($1.20 Per Serving)

      Just got my order of Raspberry and it was Fuego!! I'm not big on energy drinks/supplements but drinking this made me feel good and didn't leave me with the jitters or bad stomach ache. I highly recommend this to anyone that wants to take their gaming to the next level! I'm 100% hooked on Triumph Supplements, not only because of the bomb flavors but because you can tell the owners really care about their customers. They took the time to reach out and really ask how I liked their product, you don't see that anymore in the digital age. Thank you Triumph Supps!!

      Brendan V.
      Raspberry Lemonade ($1.20 Per Serving)

      LOVE the flavor & the energy was solid. Slight chemical aftertaste but not enough to make me stop diggin it.

      Raspberry Lemonade ($1.20 Per Serving)

      I was pleasantly surprised how sweet and flavorful the Raspberry Lemonade was given that it has no sugar added! I thought it may be a little bland because it was a healthy alternative to sugary energy drinks I usually drink...WRONG! I am very happy I liked the drink as I will be using it from now on as my energy drink on stream!!

      James G.
      Raspberry Lemonade ($1.20 Per Serving)

      Absolutely loved the taste and felt extremely alert while using this product. Its cheap and well worth the purchase. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! #teamakurate #i<3mytriumphsupps