3 Samples - 1 T-shirt

  • FREE BUNDLE - You get the Triumph T-Shirt ‘Suit of Armor’ and 3 sample packs of Triumph ($49 price value). Your only price is our costs of shipping and handling.
  • ESPORTS SUIT OF ARMOR – You can wear whatever you want when you come to play...but when you come to WIN you suit up with this Triumph T-Shirt and intimidate your opponents by broadcasting your commitment to victory.
  • GAIN COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE – Triumph is the RUSH of winning It’s proven to improve FOCUS, CONCENTRATION & COGNITIVE PERFORMANCE. It’s a safe alternative to highly questionable nootropics and so-called “smart drugs” hitting the market nowadays: 
  • ENERGY-BOOSTING SUPPLEMENT THAT LASTS W/O THE CRASH – Increase your energy levels naturally via L-theanine in a 2:1 ratio to caffeine and choline. Naturally speed up your body at the cellular level, also known as ‘cell messaging’ without jitters, twitching, or anxiety.

ACTIVATE YOUR SPIDEY-SENSE LEVEL REACTIONS – Users have also reported that Triumph sharpens their minds to the point they start to feel like their world is moving in slow motion, allowing them to react with Spiderman-level reflexes. Use Triumph to give you that edge in speed which can be the determining factor in winning or losing.