Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do you mean by quality?

Our ingredients are the highest quality available and are not watered down like many supplements on the market. The ingredients and amounts in each package are precisely measured, supported by peer-reviewed nutrition journals and papers.


What makes us different?

All of our ingredients have been tested for purity, potency, and effectiveness. We do not underdose our product to save money. We worked hard to create a premium product to give you the absolute best without sugar or high amounts of caffeine.


When is the best time to take Triumph?

The best time to take Triumph Supplements is when you need to focus, feel energized, and find your competitive edge. If you are feeling low-energy or overwhelmed, but still want to perform at your best, take Triumph 15-20 minutes before to increase your cognitive function, calm your stress and anxiety, and up your performance.


Does Triumph hydrate you?

Yes, coconut powder extract and electrolytes help your body stay hydrated. Also, L-carnitine aids in blood flow, helping deliver these nutrients to your brain and muscles.


Why Triumph? 

We have made the most potent and properly dosed product on the market for gamers, coders, and students, that need to have energy and focus. We source the highest quality ingredients, all of which are packaged for quality and freshness.

Is Triumph just an energy drink?

Yes and no. Most energy drinks focus on sugar and caffeine to give you a temporary boost of energy with an eventual crash. Triumph Supplements has no sugar and the other ingredients work to create a balance between energy and focus without the need for as much caffeine as other products. This results in no harsh and sudden comedown.