July 09, 2020

The ingredients in our product provide a kick-ass nootropic blend straight to the cerebellum. L-THEANINE & CAFFEINE: This powerful ingredient combo punches the jitters to non-existence so you can improve reaction time with no side effects. We carefully formulated our premium energy drink to deliver the best taste and cognitive benefits the market can offer. This combo will give you the energy you need to game all day and night. With 100 mg of caffeine, it's the perfect wake-me-up in the morning. It will get you through that afternoon slump no problem. With Triumph, there is no compromise on the flavor for the added cognitive benefits you get with each scoop. If you've ever heard of the flow state, that state of bliss where everything seems to work out and you hit that headshot every time to get that victory royale, then you know you've tried Triumph before. Triumph launches you into that flow state to play the best game and to play to the best of your ability. The mind is a powerful beast and harnessing the ability to improve it is what Triumph Supps is all about.

There's a difference between going for the win and winning. According to Aubrey Marcus, winning is, "the expression of yourself in the present moment to the utmost of your capability, manifesting as the greatest enjoyment and benefit to all." Triumph delivers your ability to be winning in the games you play in. That is what makes us the most effective energy drink. Go out there and triumph over your competition.