April 27, 2021

The professional Dota 2 circuit is entering into its second season, with multiple teams making the decision of welcoming new faces to their lineup. It is understandable, considering many teams struggled in synergizing and playing at their full potential, including Team Secret at some point. Furthermore, the latest patch brought about prominent changes to the Dota 2 gameplay alongside the new hero, so it will be interesting to see how these teams perform during the DPC season 2.

W33 Departs from Team Nigma, ILTW Joins the Roster


Putting into perspective the performance of Nigma since Ti9, the team has been unable to pull any noticeable success with their lineup. It brought about criticism from the community, considering Nigma fans had to make do with disappointing results from time to time, especially the recent ONE Esports Singapore Major. As a result, the organization decided of making their mid-player, W33, sit on the bench, replacing it with the prominent former Virtus Pro’s carry player ILTW. Also, there is a change of roles within the team, and Miracle will most likely be taking charge as a mid-laner. Though W33 acts as the 6th player for the team, he is also free to pursue any other organization in case an opportunity arises in the future.

Multiple New Faces Added to Team Empire Lineup

Team Empire had some major changes to their lineup before heading into the DPC 2021 season 2. Aside from the two new names, a familiar name, Petushara, will also be making a comeback into the main lineup. Other than that, Team Empire managed to sign a deal with two players from varying organizations. VANSKOR, a former member of HellRaisers, will become a part of Team Empire after remaining inactive as a consequence of the roster changes. Furthermore, Team Empire was able to negotiate with Team Unique to bring ‘depressed kid’ into their lineup for DPC 2021 season 2.

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Two Times TI Winner Carry Ana Makes a Comeback to OG Roster 

Since the conclusion of Ti9, OG had been experimenting with their lineup by adding and replacing prominent players from time to time. But not much success came their way, as online events and the Covid-19 crisis made it hard for players such as SumaiL to play at their full potential. The ping and passport issues resulted in SumaiL departing from the organization and getting replaced with the Team Secret’s former mid-laner, MidOne. Aside from that, Ceb also made a return to handle the offline role for his team. After numerous roster changes, OG made the decision to replace MidOne by welcoming their forcer two-times Ti winner carry Ana into their lineup for season 2 of DPC 2021.

OG now has almost the same roster that won Ti twice with the sole exception of Saksa. When it comes to Ana, he would mainly disappear after the conclusion of Ti and take extended breaks, but eventually, come back a few months before the main event. It happens to be the case this time around as well. But only time will tell how well the team performs during season 2 and not to mention the fresh patch changes.