The most effective energy drink

Triumph is a zero sugar, elite energy drink that brings you amplified focus, increased reaction times, and intensified awareness. We liked how the gamer tarzankingofgrapes described it: “Brooo it’s like my brain is firing on all cylinders! With no side effects, and zero sugar, I can drink it all day”. So don’t take it from us, take it from tarzankingofgrapes.

Top Tier Ingredients Boosts Gaming Performance

Gamer Energy

This is the Brain Amplifier. L-theanine and caffeine at a 2:1 ratio are shown to give calming non-jittery energy. Together, they work to increase rapid visual information processing (RVIP) and amplify reaction time.

Gamer Nootropics

The best energy drink for gaming is made possible by an incredible herb named Bacopa Monnieri. This herb is what puts you in that zone. Calms stress, anxiety, and gives the other ingredients a boost.

Gamer Health

Our products includes coconut water powder and electrolytes for maximum hydration.

Gamer Focus

Acetyl-L-carnitine improves blood flow giving the brain essential nutrients needed to enhance focus during long periods of gaming.

Our Story

What’s up gamers, I'm Sicknature, and I'm the founder of TriumphSupps. When I game, I love to get in that zone. The zone where you’re hitting every shot, positioning yourself perfectly, and the enemy just gets stomped. Only problem is, I don’t get in that zone too often. It’s hard for me to focus and be intensely competitive all the time. So, I created a supplement with a sole purpose: get in that zone. Quickly. Consistently.


If you bought a tub of Triumph and you are not 100% satisfied, you can return it. To get a refund you must send back the bottle you ordered, shipping and taxes are nonrefundable.


We are proud to be Sustainable Company Verified by Reforestree, Inc. Triumph Supplements, LLC cares about the environment and cares about making a positive change. This seal represents what we stand for.

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